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Since my entire application is using open source Jasper Report( iReport),  Is it Possible to connect BOA with Jasper Report ?.

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I looked at Jasper some time ago. However I don’t know if I want to build that functionality in BOA. In my opinion it is your iAPI that has to create the report, and present it to BOA. In your iAPI you can use the same tools as you did in your Windows application. When the report is created, you can show it in the browser via BOA.

  • The reporting is done on the server side, this means on your iAPI. The result of your report can be send to BOA. This can be in different formats. When creating a grid, you can add an ‘export’ button and a ‘print’ button. This way you can print the data from a grid.
  • I’m using the same report writer as build into my Windows application. This generates a PDF report, which is downloaded and shown in my webapplication build by BOA.