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Training and my own product implementation.

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From where I will get training on BOA and Technical consultation ?

Is it Possible to Create new forms,grids,document Attachments, Company Logos and other GUI tools without knowing much expertise Angular 7 Or HTML? Is it possible to develop Application in my own look and feel ?

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  • We provide support for the BOA system. We are a software company since 1986. We can provide technical consult for the use of the BOA system. I’m planning to create movies on Youtube. Currently I’m working to complete the documentation. Specific questions can be placed on the forum.

For the second question:

  • Yes, that’s the goal. You need to develop an iAPI in VFP. With this API you communicate with BOA to define the layouts of the menu, grids and forms. At this moment you can use about 20 different form elements. You can define properties of the grid as hidefilter, groupable, draggable, … You can create buttons with onclick actions, even with ondrop actions. Everything that happens on the webapplication will be send to your i At that time you can process the request in VFP. No need to know anything of Angular or HTML, CSS, Javascript, … However, you cannot change the general structure of the application. We defined a kind of template, which can't be changed at this moment. 
  • If you are in the need of specific elements, you can add them to the ‘new feature request’ section of the forum. If there is common interest we will add them.

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