Build Online Applications
with your own tools

Without any knowledge of HTML, css, Javascript, Node.js, Angular, React or other new technologies.

Give your customers what they are asking for. Create online applications based on your existing software, with the knowledge and experience you have. Re-use your business logic and convert existing Windows applications or create completely new solutions for your customers.

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  • Our customers were asking for an online version of our software. We developed something which took too much time, and with poor performance and possibilities. Now with BOA we can even develop new extentions immediately in the online application.

  • You already tried a new environment to develop an online application, but you didn't find what you were looking for? Just use your current environment and develop an online application with ease.

  • How long can you afford to wait? Are your customers waiting for an online version of your application? Start today, with BOA and deliver an online application in no time!

BOA a new solution
to build online applications.

Based on a concept which I used for 30 years to build DOS and Windows applications.

Combination of new technology to build online applications, 30 year experience, a good proved concept and young talented developers has resulted in a solution that can be used by developers with the tool they want. Originally the system was internally build to create an online application of our ERP system. After some time we realised it could be a solution for developers worldwide. BOA was born.

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Enter into a new world.

Build online software with BOA.

Functional widgets build in.

Use them in your own application.

Try out without any risk.

You can try out the BOA system without any risk, without any purchase.

At the login screen of BOA you can enter your own URL where you have an iAPI ready. This way you can test without any limits. Once you are convinced, you can buy your own BOA version.
Check the documentation to start