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Multiple Database connectivity.

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For Example : if I have 10 Company, the I will have 10 database in One server and connect accordingly as per customer log in.

Is this facility  is available in BOA ?

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This is completely up to your iAPI. BOA will send a request and it is up to you to get the data from the database you need. At login time you can create a token, and put this in the reponse. BOA will keep this token in memory, and will send it in the header of each request. You can put information in the token as you need. This way after the login, you can put company info in the token, along with the user information. With each request you can evaluate the token. This way you know for which company the request is, and open the according database.

With the above system you can create one solution for multiple customers. Since according to the login information you can also send the menu-options as you want. So the menu structure can be different for each company.

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