We can provide training to have a quick start with the BOA platform.

During the training the base for the application you want to build can be setup. This training can be on promises or on distance. Even if you use a language we don't master, we can help.

At the moment you know to setup a HTTP server in your environment, and you have the ability to receive requests and to send the responses, we can start.

The path to a complete application can be followed, to create your own powerfull webapplication, by using your tools, and by accessing your data as you do in your Windows application.

Contact us if you want more information about this.


We provide support on different levels.

Free support

For free support you can use the forum. We monitor the forum every day, and according to the question we will post an answer as soon as possible.

Paid support

According to your needs you can contact us to have a more personalised support, based on your needs. You will get a direct mail address where you can post your questions. This will get absolute priority. Contact us for more details about the possibilies.


With 30 years of experience in development of business critical applications we are availble to help you with your development.

In case you have a specific problem that you can't solve for your customer, you can contact us. Maybe we can help to develop a module that you can implement in your system based on BOA.