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Which technology? IIS with CXP or WAA?

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It's possible to use IIS with CXP or WAA aproach? Or is it necessary to develop our own web server using HTTPENdpoint and WebHandler classes?


You need a HTTPserver to act as a REST-API for BOA. This can be build with Xbase++ 2.0 of with XB2net. There are samples available for both, this concept is rather easy to implement.

BOA sends requests to the iAPI server, these are build in Json. All communication between the server and BOA is by text string in json. Rather easy to understand and to create. If you don’t have a good json parser, I would recommend the free Chillkat parser. Fast, well documented and stable. You need to handle every request by a separate function/object. This is standard Xbase++ code, just data handling there is no user interface to build.

BOA itself has to be available on a server which can be a IIS, but can also be any webserver. 

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Topic starter Posted : 05/09/2019 11:10 am