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5.3.1 Sheduler calendar form

With BOA creating a sheduler with all the possibilities you need is rather easy. You can use the sheduler as agenda for multiple persons, appointment system, reservations, …

Sheduler as reservation system for meeting rooms.

A sheduler can be used as a menu item or can be a form as the result of the action of a button.

“title”: “Sheduler demo”,
“endpoint”: “/files/calendar”,
“pagetype”: “sheduler”,
“pageview”: “month”,
“id”: “sheduler”,
“buttons”: [
“onclick”: {
“endpoint”: “/files/calendar”,
“buttons”: [

  • title: description of the menu item.
  • endpoint: url where to find the data for the sheduler.
  • pagetype: sheduler or modalsheduler.
  • pageview: day, week, month or agenda. Default is week.
  • pagesize: sm, md, lg or xl when using modalsheduler.
  • id: unique name
  • buttons: array of buttons.
  • onclick: object to define the action when there is a click in the sheduler.
    • endpoint: onclick endpoint. this is to get, post or put of one appointment. a form will be opened.
    • buttons: array of buttons to use in the form of the sheduler.

You can click in the legend to hide / show the events of a person.