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3.2.01 Forms

Forms are used for a lot of purposes in an application. A form to display data is the basic form. Entering and editing data to save or update it is also very basic. A form is build with elements which all have a specific purpose. There are a lot of different form elemens available.

A form can display data as customer info, a form can also be used to make selections for creating reports, a form can be used to add data. In all these different cases the form is the same. The elements and the actions are just different. Buttons on a form have some onclick actions, and the combination of all these elements makes the difference between all those forms.

Basis modal form with buttons and different form elements.

With BOA you also have the possibility to use tabforms. This way you can divide your data into different tabs. In fact each tab is just a new form and will work as a basis form.

Customer form with different tabs.
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