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3.1.01 Grids

A grid is a basic element in every application. A list with data is in a lot of cases the start of a menu option. A grid contains columns, each column has a header. Sometimes you want to filter the data on a column, reorder the data for another column. You need to calculate the sum of columns, or you want to get subtotals based on the value in a column.

To offer all the possibilies you need BOA has a lot of parameters to define a grid. You can use parameters as draggable, hidefilter and groupable. You can define the type for each column and decide if you need totals or not.

simple modalgrid with filter option.

With a draggable grid you can drag rows of the grid to buttons with an ondrop action. This way you can create very user friendly screens with grids and buttons.

Drag a row to a button to drop. sample to transfert documents in an invoicing application.

Making a grid groupable gives the user the possibility to make subtotals on the columns as wanted. Just drag and drop the header of one or multiple columns to the headline of the grid and the grouping will be executed.

Groupable grid with subtotals on the columns Diary.