1.7. Concept of communication

How is the communication done, what needs to be available. This is an important question to understand the concept of the configuration.
There are three parts involved in it.
BOA Application
This has to be installed on the server your customer will start the application. For this you need to have a working webserver, which can be used for webapplications as Wordpress, Prestashop, ... This server will have an Apache server or Internet Information server installed. Even with several different customers, you can have ONE server installed, which will be used by all your customers. See installation of BOA server for more information.
With one licence of BOA, you can install unlimited BOA servers. If your customer prefers to have it installed on their own server, you can provide the application to them to get installed by their IT team.

iAPI server

This is the server you create in the language of your choice. In this case you don't need to have an Apache or ISS server. The server you build is installed on the customers server. This can be a local server, a local desktop or a cloud server. This can be a Windows system, but can also be any system you like. If you develop an iAPI server on Linus, it doesn't matter.
You will have to install it for every customer on the server that is available. This is the back-end of your system, and needs to have access to the data. See installation of iAPI server for more information.
Browser client side
Any browser on the device your user wants to use, whether it is a Desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone.
When a user want to connect to the application, he/she enters the URL you provided. This is the URL of your BOA server, or his own server if BOA is installed on it.
Complete configuration scheme sample
Login screen without the need to enter the URL with a dedicated BOA server.
With one licence of BOA, you can setup the above scheme without any problem.