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4.2.05 multiline

With the multiline element , you get a textbox with multiple lines.

Multiline inputbox for text.

“display”: “”,
“tooltip”: “Multiline tooltip”,
“fieldname”: “doc”,
“length”: 0,
“inputtype”: “multiline”,
“block”: 1,
“newline”: true,
“labelwidth”: 0,
“fieldwidth”: 12,
“fieldheight”: 10

  • display: text to display in front of the textbox.
  • tooltip: tooltip to display as help text.
  • fieldname: field to use for the data.
  • lenght: max. lenght of the text to be entered. If lenght is zero, there is no maximum.
  • inputtype: multiline.
  • block: to which block this belongs.
  • newline: to start at a new line.
  • labelwidth: number of columns to be placed before the element.
  • fieldwidth: number of columns to define the width of the textbox.
  • fieldheight: number of lines for the textbox.
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