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A Visual Foxpro web application

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Creating a Visual Foxpro web application is quite a challenge. With BOA you can create an online application with the knowledge you already have.

As you probably read before, you need to create an API that communicates with BOA. This API can be build with Fox Pages Server 3.1. You can find it on .

What is this?

Fox Pages Server (FPS) is a multithreaded HTTP, HTTPS, and FastCGI server for Visual FoxPro.

With Fox Pages Server you can develop, debug, and distribute web content and applications by using Visual FoxPro.

Fox Pages Server does not allow Visual FoxPro code to run on the Internet. This is why it is necessary to know the language and development tools for internet that will be used, for example: HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Dojo etc.

BOA will replace these languages and developments tools,

so you can create your web application without that knowledge.

This Foxserver is a complete solution for building web applications. It can also work as a REST API server, the following can be found at the page from the developer:

RESTfull Applications

REST (Representational State Transfer) is an architectural style that advocates that Web applications should use HTTP as originally intended, where GET, PUT, POST and DELETE requests should be used for query, change, creation, and deletion, respectively.

Fox Pages Server processes a request as REST whenever the Accept header is "application/json".

Since BOA automatically adds this header, it is ideal to work together.

Enjoy building a web application with your Foxpro knowledge.


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